Access to Justice

A standout street law legal awareness program where pro-bono lawyers, law students and community members interact with players in the criminal justice system for impactful interventions on legal issues and paralegal training.

We deliver on this through:

Sheria Mashinani Project

A partnership between Crime Si Poa® and Strathmore University Law Clinic, this project focuses on training paralegals and creating community legal awareness thus empowering them to responsibly exercise their rights and build cohesion with law enforcement agencies.

Sheria Mashinani

Kenya Innocence Project

This project focuses on the exoneration of wrongfully convicted persons,  champions and supports reforms in the criminal justice system to prevent injustices and aids in reintegration of ex-inmates.

Other Programmes

Community Outreach

This program provides advocacy, awareness and lobbying, primarily engaging young people, and communities to reduce crime, anti-social behavior and fear of crime in the society.

Social Enterprise

Our social enterprise program provides economic empowerment opportunities for young people, particularly reformed inmates and at risk youth.