Community Engagement

This program  builds the capacity of young people to be ethical, proactive and proximate changemakers in their communities. We mentor and empower children and young people in schools, the streets, colleges, and neigborhoods to provide solutions to community safety issues relating to crime, truancy, delinquency, drugs, and substance abuse.

How We do it

Schools mentorship project

mentors’ young people to proactively address safety issues like crime, delinquency, and substance abuse.

Community Outreach

It helps communities identify issues affecting them and develop solutions to the issues.

Street Families Project

We engage with street-connected families to understand their challenges and offer alternative livelihood solutions to reintegrate them into safe shelters or schools.

Why do we do it?

  • Increased crime rates amongst children and young people.
  • Increased number of broken and dysfunctional families 
  • Show empathy to children and street-connected families.
  •  Communities that have solutions that can help them but don’t know how they can approach them. 
  • Building the family unit to ensure strong communities and societies. 


Advocates for crime-free communities through various activities by building ownership

Equipped communities with life skills by offering life skills training

Stronger family units

Reduced number of street-connected families through their reintegration and school sponsorship

Other Programmes

Access to Justice

The program provides legal education to communities, empowering them to exercise their constitutional rights and responsibilities responsibly.

Prison and Aftercare Program (Phoenix)

This program focuses on the holistic reformation and transformation of persons in conflict with the law for seamless reintegration into the community upon release.