Irene Were

Programs Coordinator

Irene, Our Programs Coordinator is an accomplished community service expert with a stellar record of community involvement, program management and conflict resolution.

Her years of successful and adventurous participation in organizational management and social development programs across formal and informal sectors is an embodiment of her genuine passion for positive change in society. She works with the Programs Manager and the Programs Director together with the rest of the team to ensure the efficient and timely implementation of the organization’s programs.

During her free time, she finds joy in and participates in mentorship of adult youth and also takes part in charity activities through a number of initiatives, including Rotary International, in which she is an active member and senior club official.

Irene Holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Gender and Development Studies and an International Diploma in Computer Studies.

She loves to travel, make friends, swim and do game drives.

Personal Quote:  Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style.