Prison and Reintegration Program (Phoenix)

This program focuses on the holistic reformation and transformation of persons in conflict with the law for seamless reintegration into the community upon release.

Named after the Phoenix bird because of its rebirth symbolism, this program empowers children and adults in correctional institutions with a growth mindset and pathways to second chances in life.

How We do it

Spiritual sessions (Worship experience, Discipleship, Spiritual Group therapy)

Legal training and awareness – (Paralegal training and legal awareness sessions)

Psychoeducation sessions (Group therapy and one-on-one with those with severe cases)

Reintegration support – (Family conferencing, home welcoming, and psychosocial support.)

Talent nurturing (Art, Dance, Acrobats, and Sports)

Entrepreneurship skills training (Greenhouse – YCTC)

Why do we do it?

  • Spiritual development, leadership, and connection with the creator.
  • Stigma, trauma, rejection, and dysfunctional families.
  • Develop employability skills in the creative economy.
  • Lack of employment opportunities for ex-inmates upon release.
  • Lack of legal knowledge among inmates to conduct their cases and appeals.


Restored hope and better mental wellness among the inmates

Resilient, disciplined, and well-behaved inmates

Access to justice for inmates and exoneration of the wrongfully convicted

Transformational leadership and responsible citizenship amongst inmates

Successful re-integration of reformed returning citizens

Reduced levels of recidivism

Other Programmes

Community Engagement

This program builds the capacity of young people to be ethical, proactive and proximate changemakers in their communities.

Access to Justice

The program provides legal education to communities, empowering them to exercise their constitutional rights and responsibilities responsibly.