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Youth Safety Awareness Initiative

Popularly known by its brand name, (Crime Si Poa®), The Youth Safety Awareness Initiative  mobilizes communities to build ownership around impactful justice, safety and social enterprise issues so as to enable children and the youth exercise their legal rights and obligations to reach their full potential.

Our focus is on young people, and in close partnership with parents, government , media, like-minded organizations, reformed offenders and impactful leaders, we promote the benefits of a crime-free society that addresses threats to peace, helps reduce crime and eliminate sexual and gender based violence as well as violent extremism through attitudinal change.We use social enterprise programs that positively engage and empower young people and  help in rehabilitation of at risk youth and ex-offenders.



This is the advocacy and lobby arm of the organization which engages the youth in particular, and the citizenry in general in working to reduce crime, anti-social behavior and fear of crime in the society through education and advocacy

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This is a youth led mentorship and leadership programme targetting children aged between 6 and 18 years . The programme impacts children with leadership skills while engaging and empowering them as partners in community safety through active participation..

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Through our Access to Justice program, we strive to ensure that all persons have equal access to justice through the use of innovative technology. We champion the exoneration of the wrongfully convicted and teach communities the law, their rights and responsibilities. We empower them to articulate their rights and effectively realise them by demanding justice, accountability and effective remedies at all levels..

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Our social enterprise arm, Biiz is focused on empowering young people with skills set, job linkages and referrals to enable them lead productive crime free lives. Core activities include TVET and IT  targeting young people, reformed inmates and at risk youth..

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