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Outreach at a Football Tournament in Diguna

8 Dec

Outreach at a Football Tournament in Diguna

On the 26th of October 2018 the Crime Si Poa team addressed about one hundred and fifty students who had gathered for a football tournament. The students were a mix of primary school and high school students, both boys and girls.

The speaker of the day was Bernard Ouma, who took 30 minutes to talk about his life experiences and bring to attention how bad decisions have the power to put a person’s life on another trajectory. Bernard shared his experiences while growing up in a poor family and how influence from his peers led to his incarceration for 6 years at a maximum prison. This caused him to miss the chance he had to pursue a career course at a university.

After the presentation, the Crime Si Poa team addressed any further questions or clarifications from the youth at the help desk, allowing them to get more one on one time with individuals and their personal needs. In the end the organizers of the event thanked our team for their time and the inspiring talk, while the students who had the opportunity to be part of the talk showed their appreciation by expressing how lucky they felt to have been listening to such an authentic story and that they are now better equipped to make good life choices.

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