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8 Dec


Our team visited Nakeel Secondary School on the 17th of October to talk to the boys there about peer pressure. The turn out was incredible as students from all the classes gathered in the hall, the number at about 250 boys. 

The first featured speaker was Dickson Mwaura. He opened his speech by telling the students of how he found himself wasting four precious years behind bars, time which he explained could have been well utilized growing his business and taking care of his family .He explained the story of how he ended up in that situation simply by swapping a phone with a friend only to end up being sentenced to death after being found guilty of robbery with violence. He closed his speech by warning the students that they should be very careful and mindful of the friends and company they keep.

Peter Kariuki, the second speaker surprised the students by telling them that he spent nine years in prison. The boys were particularly anxious to know how and why he got arrested because of the fact that he looked too young to have spent such a great number of years in prison. He informed them that after finishing his form IV, he became  friends with guys who introduced him to alcohol which eventually led to him becaming an alcoholic. One day he went for a drink with a school girl and the encounter went south. This led to his arrest and trial which resulted in him being convicted for fourteen years. This story reiterated on the point that a person should be mindful not to succumb to peer pressure because one bad decision can put a person on a path that could lead to unexpected places.

There was also an interactive Q&A session that followed. The students had a variety of questions, majority of them regarding how they can become a part of the Crime Si Poa organization. One student even confessed to have  been in a gang and that he is the only surviving member as all the others were shot dead by the police. He requested to be helped by the organization once he graduates from high school to nuture his football talent.

The outreach at Nakeel Boys Secondary School was a great success.


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