Community Outreach​

This program provides advocacy, awareness and lobbying, primarily engaging young people, and communities to reduce crime, anti-social behavior and fear of crime in the society.

We deliver on this through:

Focused Youth

This project works with, and mentors young people in educational institutions as well as in the community to be pro-active solution providers in safety issues linked to crime, truancy, delinquency, underage drinking, child prostitution, drugs and substance abuse and other anti-social behaviour.

It incorporates skills transfer and offers a package of services such as digital skills, modern farming practises, textile  library services, sports, art, dance, music and other TVET’s that cater to local needs while also ensuring full engagement of youth to divert them from criminality and social exclusion.

It’s about you_


This transformational youth-led mentorship and leadership project works with children aged between 6 and 18 years who are at risk of, or have been in conflict with the law.

The project named after the Phoenix bird in Greek folklore holistically empowers children in penal institutions with a growth mindset, offers them life skills training and helps in school placements upon their release.

Other Programmes

Access to justice

This program aims to ensure that all persons have equal access to justice and the wrongfully convicted are exonerated.

Social Enterprise

Our social enterprise program provides economic empowerment opportunities for young people, particularly reformed inmates and at risk youth.