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Day of Service at Kamiti YCTC with The Rockefeller Foundation and Sarakasi Trust

Day of Service at Kamiti YCTC with The Rockefeller Foundation and Sarakasi Trust

On the 19th of October  2018, the Rockefeller Foundation in partnership with Sarakasi Trust and Crime si Poa had a Day of Service and engagement at the Kamiti Youth Correctional Training Center. At that moment the Kamiti Correctional Training Center had 140 boys admitted to the correctional center. The Day of Service aimed to show our support as a community to the boys within the rehabilitation center. The activities we focused on this day were centered around helping the boys with their daily activities. This included cleaning walkways, planting trees/flowers and cutting grass, computer skills tutoring, tutoring KCPE/KCSE candidates, cleaning chaff from cereals, washing utensils, chopping firewood.


The day of course started off with some morning refreshments. We enjoyed delicious mandazi and cake that was served by the caterers. Mr Francis Kimani the officer in charge welcomed us with some opening remarks and Mr Mamadou Biteye, the managing director of the Rockefeller Foundation Africa regional office said a few words as well. An icebreaker then followed led by the MC of the day. This quickly shifted the mood to light and fun as we took off our work faces and intermingled with smiles and laughs. In teams, we were sent off to our respective locations, some with brooms, slashers and hoes in their hands others with buckets and seedlings while some had bags of cereals ready for sorting chaff.

After this we washed our hands and drank some water as we awaited the food that was now filling the air and making us hungry. Pete Ouko took this chance to introduce the teams to the boys of YCTC. One by one we introduced ourselves then served food and sat to eat together as we all watched the hawks fly by attempting to steal some meat off of people’s plates. Once lunch was over the speakers were turned on and it turned into a party. The acrobats of Sarakasi Trust took the lead and engaged us all in a quick acrobatics lesson. We made pyramids, did backflips and handstands and had a lot of fun in the sun. In one area of the field a dance battle broke out between the boys of YCTC and some members of the teams. Lastly, new teams were formed and  a great game of football was played. In the end, it was a very successful day full of fun and our goal was achieved.

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