Halima Guyo Arero

Project Officer : Kajiado County Office

Halima works under the community outreach program of the organization as the Focused youth project assistant. She is responsible for conducting mentorship sessions at schools and communities to inspire behavioural change among the youth. 

She is dedicated to working with the community and has a keen interest in youth and women. 

Her experience lies in working with youth in marginalized communities by talking to them and encouraging them to be ambassadors of a safe community. She has further held a successful campaign aimed at ending crime in her hood. 

Her passion is drawn from her past encounters having witnessed the effects of crime first-hand in her community. She has received training on how to address community issues that act as a  guiding light in her work.  

Halima enjoys outdoor activities, Community Service, Team and Individual sport. 

Personal Quote: I am strong, beautiful and fearless