Lugala Stella Juwa

Volunteer - Phoenix Project

Stella joined the organization over one year ago and has grown in her role as the Phoenix Project manager under the Community Outreach program. Her role is to ensure all at-risk children can lead a crime-free life and to help the children in conflict with the law transition and reintegrate back into society. 

Her background in Mass Communication has enabled her to form great relationships with the beneficiaries building trust and ultimately increasing her influence. Like a phoenix, she works to ensure that the children rise from the ashes and have a second chance at living a decent life where they can fulfil their dreams. 

Her role inspires her to be a better human being who fights for humanity. Every day that a life is impacted positively is a win for a better society.

In her free time, Stella is either indulging in a series, engrossed in a book or cultivating her relationships with close friends. 

Personal Quote: My dream is to make sure the dreams of children are fulfilled

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