This is a youth led programme involving groups of young people aged between 6 and 19 years who want to address community safety issues in their areas.

This programme focuses on training young people with leadership skills while engaging and empowering them as partners in community safety issues through active citizenship and social enterprise.

Though each project within each area has unique characteristics in sync with local ownership, the programme as a whole works mainly in schools and colleges , around trading/shopping centers to take action against a range of community safety issues such as improving security and addressing issues of crime, truancy, delinquency, nuisance, under-age drinking, pornography, drugs and other anti-social behaviors.

This program incorporates skills such as drama, sports, art, dance, music, small business enterprises, video making, bead-work and tailoring, design and conducting surveys to cater to local needs while also ensuring full engagement of young people to divert them from criminally and social exclusion.