The Focused Youth Project of the Community Outreach program works with,  and mentors students in educational insitutions as well as young people loitering around public squares and shopping centers to be pro-active solution providers in community safety issues linked to crime, truancy, delinquency, nuisance, under-age drinking, child prostitution, drugs and other anti-social behavior. We incorporate skills transfer and offer a package of services such as digital skills, library services, sports, art, dance, music and other TVETs to cater to local needs while also ensuring full engagement of youth to divert them from criminality and social exclusion.

Through our social media platforms, we provide up-to-date advisories on crime trends, crime hot-spots and links to law enforcement  agencies helplines to keep the public  well informed.

We champion penal reform and rehabilitation and suport re-entry and re-integration of returning citizens so as to reduce recidivism .